The Best Websites for Free SVG Cut Files for Cricut

The Best Websites for Free SVG Cut Files for Cricut

Crafting with your Cricut is fun and rewarding. You can personalize your décor, make unique gifts for friends and family, and even sell your creations for a little extra spending money. Cricuteers can purchase a subscription to Access, Cricut’s SVG cut file superstore which holds over 60,000 images, for $10 a month, but for the casual crafter it may be overkill, or perhaps simply not in the budget.

Luckily, there are numerous websites that offer free SVG cut files for those who cannot justify subscribing to Access or purchasing from other creators. The cost of materials is high enough, after all, so we want to save money wherever we can!

Here are the best websites to get free SVG cut files for your Cricut! (Note, these files will work with any electronic cutting machine, like Silhouette or Brother. They are not exclusive to Cricut. I happen to have a Cricut, so that’s how I wrote it!)

Most of my SVG files come from It’s one of my favorite sites! Just about every week they introduce a new, completely free design, from a simple SVG graphic to a plethora of sweet flourishes. During holidays they typically offer free themed SVGs, like Christmas trees or Thanksgiving pumpkins.

Additionally, most of their freebies come with the commercial license! is not only for Cricut crafters, though. I find Photoshop textures, Photoshop actions, beautiful watercolor graphics, mock-up templates, and backgrounds that I use for other digital projects, such as this blog!

If you have the cash, the website offers some outstanding SVG bundles for a reasonable price, which typically includes the commercial license. Many bundles are specifically made for bloggers, photographers, and Cricut crafting business owners, so keep this site in mind if you need help with the visual or marketing aspect of your own small business.

Make sure to sign up for their emails to receive more free products.

Cricut Maker, Champagne


The sister site of, features….they feature fonts, guys. Lots and lots of fonts. Script fonts, childish scrawl fonts, curly-q fonts, bold fonts. They have it all, many of them are completely free, and they come with the commercial license. All you have to do is download the files and install them on your computer, and they will show up in the “System” fonts in Design Space.

Like, they have impressive, yet affordable, paid content. You likely won’t find the super popular fonts in the free section, but you will find them if you’re willing to pay a reasonable price for them.

Another free font site, is well-known in the Cricut crafting world. It’s an MVP on all the Cricut Facebook groups I follow. You can find script, calligraphy, plain heading text, specialty fonts, and even font themes for popular movies such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings if you want to make something special for yourself.

Although many of the fonts available say “100% Free”, they don’t really come with a commercial license. Free downloads from this site are probably best used only in personal projects for yourself or for friends and family.

I’m not sure if is affiliated with Designbundles or Fontbundles, but the sites look quite similar! Whatever the case, offers numerous free SVG bundles, most of which include the commercial license.

Bundles include gorgeous flourishes to add a finishing touch to your projects, sports themed icons, angel wings, animal silhouettes, frames, hearts, and florals. In the “Freebies” section, they include finished graphic designs, most of which come with the commercial license, as well.

If you have a dollar or two to spare, check out the $1 Deals section of They have affordable graphics from simple borders and frames to intricate, colorful designs to brighten up your Cricut projects.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 

Another site absolutely full of free SVG cut files! Free SVGs include stylized quotes, simple silhouettes, icons, sports themed designs, and even a few complete designs. I do feel that the free designs are more…generic?… than free SVGs I can find on some of the previously mentioned sites, however. There do not seem to be any designs that make me gasp, “Wow, that’s free?!”

Like the other sites, offers beautiful paid designs, as well. They often show bundles that are “on sale”. For example, the $4,000.00 Summer Bundle that’s on sale for $21.00 at the time of this blog’s creation. Are they really going to sell the bundle for $4,000.00? No, so don’t fall for that marketing ploy. Everything is on sale pretty much all the time on the website, and I rarely see anything over $40, so don’t rush to a purchase when you see such dramatic price slashes!

Additionally, seems to sell bundles which often include 1,000+ designs. Personally, I wouldn’t purchase those. You’ll likely end up with a few hundred “slush” SVGs you’ll never use and will just take up space on your hard drive. If you want to make a purchase, choose a smaller, cheaper bundle with SVGs you love and will actually use frequently.


Craftables has tons of truly exceptional free SVG cut files! Even the free designs are intricate and unique. Free SVGs include stylized inspirational quotes, unicorns, seasonal décor, animals, floral designs, and other distinctive styles.

Craftables does not sell SVGs, but they do sell vinyl for $0.39 per 12×12 sheet and Silhouette tools and accessories. I cannot testify to the quality of Craftables vinyl, so if anyone has used it, drop a comment below!

Make sure to check out the Craftables blog, too. They have tons of awesome ideas for all of the free SVGs you’ll likely procure from their library!

If you’re looking for free witty and sarcastic SVGs, Creative Fabrica might be your new favorite crafting website. Freebies even include a commercial license!

Creative Fabrica sells SVGs and fonts, as well. If you really, really like the designs they offer, Creative Fabrica offers an all-access pass for $29 a month. If you’re a Cricut user I would pass on this deal, however, because Cricut Access is $10 a month and offers similar designs, and you get additional discounts on Cricut supplies.

Are you a paper crafter looking for completed designs for cards, paper lanterns, boxes, and gift bags? Dreaming Tree offers a wide variety of free 3-D SVG cut files just for you! Their offerings include small gift boxes, gift tags, seasonal décor items, and cards. You do have to sign up for an account and add your billing information before you can download even the free files, though.

If you’re willing to pay a few bucks, Dreaming Tree offers incredibly intricate cut files for paper sculptures, astounding cards for all occasions, paper houses and CASTLES, large boxes, wall décor, and more. If you want to make something out of paper, you can likely find it on Dreaming Tree.

In addition to SVGs, Dreaming Tree sells American Crafts cardstock and other crafting tools, although it’s kind of difficult to find on their website. If you’re having trouble piecing together your cut cardstock, make sure to check out their YouTube videos which provide step-by-step instructions for most projects.

Cricut Crafting on a Budget

Even if you don’t have a huge crafting budget, you can make some exceptional projects using the free SVGs and fonts you can find on these websites. It truly isn’t necessary to spend a fortune! Make sure to sign up for each of these websites’ email lists and follow them on social media to receive instant notification of each new freebie, as well as offers and coupon codes for paid content.

Do you use any websites not listed here for free SVGs? Drop your recommendations in the comments!

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