The Best Places to Buy Fabric Online

The Best Places to Buy Fabric Online

Unless you live in a huge city and are lucky enough to have multiple quality fabric stores close to your home, you likely struggle to find trendy, quality fabric for your crafting projects. I live in a community of about 150,000 people, yet we only have four fabric stores in the area.

Since there are so few options, the fabric designs are quite limited. Two of the nearby shops don’t seem to carry the styles and designs I prefer, and the other two are large craft stores that I don’t always feel carry quality fabric in contemporary styles. If one spends some time researching online, however, you can find shops that sell quality fabrics in gorgeous designs.

Who wants to go through all that work, though? Well, it’s a good thing I’ve done it for you! Here are my favorite places to buy fabric online:

Hawthorne Supply Company (formerly Hawthorne Threads) is my absolute favorite online store to purchase fabrics. They carry gorgeous, contemporary designs with multiple colorways. I can spend hours browsing their selection and designing a fabulous quilt or makeup bag. I’m afraid that I’ll never have enough time to use all the fabrics I covet on their website!

Above are some of the items I have created with Hawthorne Supply Co. fabrics. In addition to fabric, they sell Aurofil thread and sewing patterns. They feature popular, modern designers such as Indy Bloom Design (the watercolor floral Makeup Brush Roll above) and Shopcabin (the Wolf Throw Blanket above).

Additionally, Hawthorne Supply Co. sells fabric in small increments, starting at just 1/2 yard. Most online stores force you to purchase at least one yard of fabric, which results in lots of waste in both money and fabric. Being able to select only the amount of fabric I need has helped me save money, and purchase more fabric from them.

Between Hawthorne Supply Co. and, they probably receive 90% of my fabric crafting budget. I don’t feel that they have as many of the contemporary designers that I love available on their website, but they do have designers such as Stella and Cotton & Steel. When I need a Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solid, is my go-to. They typically have every color available for $5 to $7 a yard! is the only place I have been able to find Shannon minky fabrics, which, in my opinion, are the softest fabrics I have ever encountered in my entire life. No other minky-type fabric has been able to compare. There are some shops locally that carry Shannon fabrics, but their selection is often limited.

I do not like that many fabrics require a minimum purchase. Most are only 1 yard, but I’ve come across some styles that require you to purchase at least 4 yards. I have passed on certain fabrics on this website because of this. What am I going to do with 4 yards of scissors themed fabric?! If you wait, sometimes the ridiculous purchase minimum will go down to something more reasonable, but most of the time I simply give up and find an alternative seller.

If you want any print on any type of fabric, from regular quilting cotton to minky, check out Spoonflower. You can even create your own design, upload it to Spoonflower’s website, and have it printed on your choice of fabric and have it shipped to you. They print wallpaper and gift wrap, too!

Honestly, I have purchased very little from Spoonflower because I feel they are rather expensive. Quality fabric is expensive to begin with, I know, but we’re talking $17.50 per yard for regular quilting cotton, and $27.00 for minky! The beauty of the designs they carry is undeniable, however, so if you require a stunning, unique fabric for your next project, Spoonflower may be your online store.

There are hundreds of small shops selling fabric and sewing supplies on Etsy. Some are simply crafters selling extra yardage, and some are full-blown online fabric shops. Most I come across offer affordable, quality fabric in stylish designs. Others are…questionable, so make sure to dig into each shop a bit before making a purchase.

What are your Faves?

Are there any other online fabric stores that you frequent, and that I should try out? Drop a comment below! I’m always on the lookout for neat new fabric shops. I’ll keep updating this post as I learn about new retailers!

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