DIY Canning Jar Labels with Your Cricut

DIY Canning Jar Labels with Your Cricut

One of the most important parts of canning is labeling your jars with their contents and the date they were made! Personally, I don’t have the prettiest handwriting, and I hate writing the same thing over and over again on dozens of jars. I also tend to run out of room on the lid of the jar and end up squashing the letters in (which doesn’t look nice) or creating an illegible mess.

Instead of fighting to squish all of the handwritten letters and date on the lid, I decided to create an easy solution using my Cricut! 

This guide assumes you know the basics of using Cricut Design Space.

DIY Canning Jar Labels

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Any Cricut model with the Print-&-Cut Function
  • Printer
  • White Sticker Paper (You can find the kind I used here)
  1. First, open up a new project in Cricut Design Space.
  2. Select a “Circle” from the “Shapes” menu.
Select the "Circle" shape.

3. Adjust the size of the circle to 2.125 H x 2.125 W. This size will fit snuggly on Regular sized canning lids.

Adjust the size to 2.125" square.

4. Change the color of the shape to white. (Really, you can use whatever color you want. It’s your label.)

5. Add text and center on the shape. If desired, add an image and arrange on the shape.

Add text and an image, if desired.

6.  When you’re satisfied with the label, “Select All” and “Flatten” the image. This will make it a “Print-&-Cut” image.

7. Make It! First, put in how many labels you need. You can get as many as twelve on a single sheet of sticker paper. It will be sent first to your printer, and after it has finished printing you will load it into your Cricut and let it do it’s thing! I found that setting it on the “Premium Vinyl” setting will kiss cut so the stickers are cut, but the backing sheet remains in one piece. If you use the”Sticker Paper” setting, it will cut through both the sticker and the backing, so you will have a bunch of loose stickers.

Before placing your labels on the lids of your jars make sure you’ve wiped them down and dried them. You can place the labels on the jars themselves, as well, but then when you’ve eaten the contents and are ready to reuse, then you have to peel that sticky label off! It’s much easier to throw it away with the lid.

I hope this idea helps you make your canning season more efficient (and more aesthetically pleasing for my fellow sloppy hand writers!)


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